How it WORKS

Distribute Surveys with Ease

Get great listener feedback with easy to use surveys that look great on any device.


Fast, Reliable, Hassle-Free and Global. Our surveys have been taken in 135 countries on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This means you reach your entire audience, no matter what device they use. The SurveyNerds platform lets you design your survey once and distribute it on any device with mobile-ready options that make it easy for your listeners to respond.


We even oversee the survey distribution so you don’t have to. And did we mention that surveys are fast internationally? (We’re Nerds and we love speed!)

Get Real-Time Feedback

Instant gratification. Instant insight into your audience.


Don’t Miss a Thing. What if you could find out what your listeners are thinking right here, right now so you don’t miss out on giving them what they want? The SurveyNerds dashboard allows you to monitor the surveys as responses are coming in. Plus, you can set filters, compare answers, and sort and search to your heart’s content.

Collect and Analyze the Data

Now that you have your listeners’ information, we show you what to do with it next.


Don’t waste your audience’s feedback. Does your marketing campaign need a boost? Your show is your art, and those ads bring in revenue so you can keep living the dream. Our demographics reports will give you a complete picture of your target audience so you know how best to reach them.


Want your listeners to engage with you more? The data you get from SurveyNerds will give you detailed insight into where and how to grow your following. Or maybe you’re scoping out their willingness to donate to your podcast or just trying to gauge general satisfaction. SurveyNerds helps you analyze the data and take the right action.